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The Afro Pride Collective consists of a collective of local, diverse, and multidisciplinary artists. These artists unite together (abiding by COVID-19 safety guidelines) in several innovative and extraordinary cultural & performing arts performances throughout the year held in Broward County that highlight disparities in the Black & Brown LGBTQ+ community-related to societal violence, racism, discrimination, social injustice, and social & socio-economic exclusion.


According to recent studies by the US Census, in the year (2019) 1930 Blacks were victimized by hate crimes and 291 LGBTQ+ population members reported being victimized to hate crimes. (Blacks have the highest percentage of being victimized by hate crimes. More than any other race or ethnicity.) The intersection of being Black & LGBTQ+ doubles the chances of a member of this population becoming a victim of hate crimes. While Broward County is a racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse region, there is a strong history of institutional and structural racism. A recent study conducted by the Children’s Services Council of Broward County demonstrates the deep divides that have occurred over decades in educational institutions, housing, and employment.

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The Afro Pride Collective introduction will be on Feb 26th, 2021 ( A tribute to Black History Month)

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(Below is an inside glimpse of a couple of Afro Pride Collective's extraordinary artists)

Markeven: Artist

Eric (Eee/Bee): Dancer

Mhiya Lepaige: (Female Impersonator) Performer 

Octavia Kingskid: Music Artist


                                          The Eagles


South Florida Afro Pride Marching Band 2021


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