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Afro Pride Collective Mission


Our mission focuses on the solidarity, empowerment, and overall mental and social wellness of the historically marginalized & under-represented African American & Afrocentric communities of the African & Caribbean Diaspora in South Florida.

The Afro Pride Collective 


The Afro Pride Collective is a group of multicultural & multidisciplinary artists & creative artistic teams that come together to create individual & group exhibits, performances, and art installments of cultural arts. Exhibits & performances are held publically throughout the year and are virtual & in-person.

AfroPride Collective Partners

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Markeven: Artist


Mhyia Lepaige: Female Impersonator/ Entertainer


Octavia Kingskid: Music Artist


Live In Color: Zedric Bembry

The Afro Pride Cultural Arts platform provides a safe, culturally authenticated inclusive platform where the African American & Afrocentric communities of the African & Caribbean Diaspora including those who love & support them can celebrate shared cultural norms, feel empowered, included, and a sense of unity & solidarity while raising awareness about disparities within the community. The Afro Pride Cultural Arts Festival, Pridechella & The Afro Pride Collective performances will not only be a display of amazing and extraordinary talents of multi-disciplinary cultural arts, but it will also be a (Celebration of Self-Love, Social Justice, Diversity, Inclusion & Equality).

 The Eagles


South Florida Afro Pride Marching Band 2021


Are you ready to be apart of history?? 

Join & Soar with us.


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