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South Florida Afro Pride Federation, Inc is partnered with local HIV/AIDS Healthcare Providers to provide STI/HIV prevention, education, testing, and linkage. Our mental health & substance abuse service providers are culturally informed with years of experience in HIV/AIDS-related co-occurring mental disorders, substance abuse, and implementing evidence-based interventions. Afro Pride Federation Inc launches HIV/AIDS campaigns related to stigma, prevention, awareness, fundraising, and resources. Stigma in the Black & Brown LGBTQ+ community in Broward county plays a big role in barriers to healthcare. In our support groups and community collaboration meetings, we often discuss issues relating to individuals avoiding healthcare due to not wanting their families, friends, employers, and others to know about their diagnosis. Members of this population also frequently mention barriers to care relating to racism and discrimination. The issue of cultural mistrust of institutions serving Black &  Brown LGBTQ+ populations is a subject that often arises during discussions. Afro Pride Federation Inc continues to cultivate community-driven strategies to combat the high rates of  HIV/AIDS in the Black & Brown LGBTQ+ population in South Florida.


According to recent studies, Broward County HIV Prevention Planning Council (BCHPPC) reports that Blacks are disproportionately impacted by HIV/AIDS. Blacks accounted for 42% of adult HIV cases and 61% of adult AIDS cases. Blacks also represented 42% or more of the cases each year. Among black males, the HIV infection case rate is nearly 2 times higher than the rate among white males, and the residents born in Haiti and living in Broward represented 22% of Black non-Hispanic living AIDS cases. The second-highest proportion of mode of exposure for black males was MSM 43%. Since 2007, the highest case rate of resident deaths due to HIV/AIDS disease was among black males. CDC recent studies report about 1 in 7 transgender women have HIV and the percentage is much higher among African Americans. It is our mission to make a positive impact in the Black & Brown LGBTQ+ community by planning, strategizing, and prioritizing HIV prevention tactics and highlighting issues that the Black & Brown LGBTQ+ community endures in HIV/AIDS healthcare in Broward County.



  • HIV Support Group

  • NSA (No Stigma Allowed) Media Campaign

  • Afro-LGBTQ+ referrals to culturally informed and competent HIV/AIDS healthcare

  • Disease Case Management

  • HIV related Individual/Group Therapy (Mental Health)

  • Condom Distribution 


Afro Pride offers a confidential monthly HIV/AIDS education & support group to combat the barriers to healthcare, healthcare retention, and medication compliance. Our social media campaigns & fundraisers are launched throughout the year as we collaborate with other HIV/AIDS community servicers and allies in a combined, inclusive, community effort to battle HIV/AIDS which disproportionately affects the Black & Brown LGBTQ in Broward County. Resources for testing & treatment will cater to community cultural needs. For more information about our services please email:


Program Director:

Damon Jones 


Case Manager:

Trisha Finnick, RN 

For more information about our HIV/AIDS support groups & services and how to volunteer or donate.

Please email us at 

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The Afro Pride Team is here to assist with any of the following services below
  • Mental Health
  • Substance Misuse
  • STD/HIV Prevention
  • Care Coordination
  • Trans Services
  • Referrals to Afro LGBTQ+ informed service providers
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