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       HIV /STD Prevention, Testing & Education

  • HIV Support Group

  • NSA (No Stigma Allowed) Media Campaign

  • Afro-LGBTQ+ referrals to culturally informed and competent HIV/AIDS healthcare

  • Disease Case Management

  • HIV related Individual Therapy (Mental Health)

  • Condom Distribution 


Afro Pride offers a confidential monthly HIV/AIDS education & support group to combat the barriers to healthcare, healthcare retention, and medication compliance. Our social media campaigns & fundraisers are launched throughout the year as we collaborate with other HIV/AIDS community servicers and allies in a combined, inclusive, community effort to battle HIV/AIDS which disproportionately affects the Black & Brown LGBTQ in Broward County. Resources for testing & treatment will cater to community cultural needs. For more information about our services please click the link below:

Program Director:

Damon Jones 


Case Manager:

Trisha Finnick, RN 


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                    Mental Health 











Afro Pride has partnered with Amethyst Mental Health Agency of Broward to extend mental health & substance abuse services to adult LGBTQ+ people of color & allies. Our team is staffed with culturally competent & informed Social Workers, Psychotherapists, Peer counselors, and Case managers with years of experience within the profession and the community. 


Afro Pride understands the shared cultural norms of the people of color in the LGBTQ Community. Our goal aims to improve client outcomes, provide a safe place to heal, and expand culturally appropriate evidence-based Mental Health & Substance Abuse interventions specializing in co-occurring substance misuse disorders, trauma, anxiety, depression, and grief.


All monthly HIV talk & support groups are at no cost and are confidential. 

Case managers can be reached between the hours of (10:00 am-2:00 pm M-F ET). For more information about our services please click the link below:

Mental Health Director

Kerry Brown, LCSW

Program Manager:

Laresha Tyler, RCSWi

Case Manager

Trisha Finnick, RN

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

(24 Hours)

  • Individual Therapy

  • Case Management 

  • Psychiatric Evaluation

  • Group Therapy

  • Co-occurring substance abuse disorders

  • Medication Management

  • Specialty support Groups


Currently, mental health & substance abuse, and psychiatric services are rendered through Medicaid or on a sliding scale fee with the exception of HIV talk & support groups.

For more info about our services email:

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                       Cultural Arts

  • The Afro Pride Collective

  • Mr. & Ms. Afro Pride 


The Afro Pride Collective is comprised of a collective of diverse individual talented artists from the LGBTQ+ community of color in Broward County and surrounding areas. These artists unite in an expression of multi-disciplinary cultural arts to highlight community-related experiences relating to social injustice, discrimination, COVID-19 resilience, economic injustice, and equality. The collective will engage in several projects that will adhere to COVID-19 safety restrictions throughout the year. The Grand Finale and the crowning of Afro Pride King & Queen will be held at The Afro Pride Parade & Music Festival 2021.

For more information about participating, donating, or all other questions about the cultural arts department please click the link below:


Director of Events

Donald Gunder

Community Education & Assessment

  • Monthly Community Collaborative Meeting

  • Afro Pride Community LGBTQ+  of color Business Expo

Afro Pride facilitates a monthly community collaborative meeting to assess, educate, highlight resources, and discuss strategic solutions to eliminate disparities, elevate equality & self-love, and implement cultural solidarity practices in the Black & Brown LGBTQ+ population from a local (Broward County) and international perspective. These meetings aim to collaborate with community & international allies, local healthcare providers, community leaders, media journalists, corporate & county/state/federal entities..etc that service or employs LGBTQ+ community members of color in an effort to make a positive impact in society overall. The times and dates of meetings will be announced monthly on the Afro Pride's website, via email for subscribers (subscribe below) and on our social media (Facebook & Instagram) outlets. Afro Pride also hosts an annual LGBTQ+ of color and allies business expo. If you would like to participate in our community collaborations,        , or for more information please click the link below:


Community Engagement Director:

Donald Gunder

Program Director:

Damon Jones


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Afro Pride Annual Parade & Music Festival




The Afro Pride annual Parade & Music Festival 2021 provides a culturally informed platform and a safe place where the people of color in the LGBTQIA community can celebrate shared cultural norms, feel empowered, included, and a sense of unity & solidarity while raising awareness about disparities and social injustices within the community. The Afro Pride Festival is not only a display of amazing and extraordinary talents of cultural & performing arts, but it is also a (Celebration of Self-Love, Social Justice, COVID-19 resilience, Equality & Diversity). For more information on how to participate or to donate to the Afro Pride Music & Parade Festival please click the link below.





Director of events:

Donald Gunder


The Afro Pride Team is here to assist with any of the following services below
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  • Mental Health
  • Substance Misuse
  • STD/HIV Prevention
  • Care Coordination
  • Trans Services
  • Referrals to Afro LGBTQ+ informed service providers
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